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Kids Don't Float 01Safe Kids Pierce County is dedicated to preventing injuries among children under the age of 19.  While accidental injury is the leading cause of death among children in the United States, we find it necessary to educate the community on how to reduce and eliminate this epidemic.  Our programs focus on, but are not limited to:

Child Passenger Safety – Child Passenger Safety is commonly referred to as CPS, as you may see it on our website or other Safe Kids websites.  We are dedicated to keeping kids safe in and around cars, which includes car seat inspections, programs focusing on never leaving your child in a car, backover prevention, and much more.

Our Pierce County Child Passenger Safety Team is run through Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and can be reached at (253) 403-1417.  Car seat inspections are held at Mary Bridge every Tuesday morning from 9-10:30am at the Center for Childhood Safety’s Safe & Sound Building, located at 1112 S. 5th Street in Tacoma.  Car seats appointments may also be made by contacting local Child Passenger Safety Technicians.  Please click here for a list of upcoming community car seat checks and agencies who offer these appointments.  For a copy of Washington State’s child restraint laws, as well as recommendations for riding safely in the car, please click here.

Water Safety and Drowning Prevention – Safe Kids Pierce County has a great working relationship with Sportco Outdoor Emporium in Fife, Washington and receives life jackets at a discounted price to sell to the public.  Custom-fit life jackets are available at various locations around Pierce County.

Fire Safety – Fire safety is a key component of Safe Kids and many fire department educators are an intregal part of our coalition.  Please contact your local fire department for more infomation on this topic and what services they provide.

Bike and Helmet Safety – Safe Kids Pierce County has a great working relationship with Helmets R Us in Tacoma, Washington and receives helmets at a discounted price to sell to the public.  Custom-fit helmets are available at various locations throughout Pierce County.

We also have a great working relationship with McDonald’s on our Safe Rider Citation Program.  This program allows uniformed police officers and firefighters in Washington State to reward kids practicing safe riding habits with a coupon to McDonald’s for a free Happy Meal.  This program has been wildly success and we thank McDonald’s for their continued support.  If you’re a police or fire department interested in knowing more about the program, please contact Safe Kids Pierce County Coordinator Jenny Weekes for more information.

Pedestrian Safety – Walking, crossing the street, and doing it all safely is Safe Kids’ goal.  Age groups across the board have been injured and even killed while being a distracted pedestrian.  Texting and driving has also become an issue, as pedestrians may become the victims of this type of incident.   Safe Kids Worldwide has created a great research document that shows statistics of this growing problem.  Safe Kids Pierce County proudly supports the It Can Wait campaign through AT&T, as well as the Moment of Silence campaign.

Sports Injury Prevention – Sports injury prevention is a growing concern, especially with concussions and injuried players.  Partners of Safe Kids Pierce County include University of Puget Sound, the YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties, local Parks & Rec, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound.  These organizations have shown a growing interest in sports safety and we support their efforts by assisting in training their coaches, players and parents.

Poisoning Prevention – Safe Kids Pierce County has tool kits and displays to borrow in reference to poisoning prevention.  Please see our Resources page for more information.  We also partner with the Washington Poison Center to distribute Mr. Yuk stickers throughout Pierce County.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving some.


During our coalition meetings, we choose a topic and hold a training or discussion about one of these injury areas.  We encourage all of our members to join us, bring a friend or colleague, and let us know what types of trainings you’d like to see.  We are dedicated to working together to keep our kids safe.

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