Spot the Tot 03Safe Kids Pierce County has various tools for coalition members to use at safety related events.  Please contact us to check for availability.

How to Fit a Helmet Video – This video is available in DVD format in English and Spanish.  It is a great teaching tool to train helmet fitters.  Cost $15 each plus shipping.

Medicine vs. Candy display – This display contains various candies that are look-a-lit drugs and is available to borrow at no charge.

Mr. Yuk Poison Box – This tool kit contains look-a-like poisonous products with common household foods and items that help in educating both adults and children with poison prevention.  This kit is available to borrow at no charge.

Mr. Yuk stickers – The Washington State Poison Center has received grant funding to distribute Mr. Yuk stickers once again.  Safe Kids Pierce County has a stock of them available to coalition members at no charge.  Shipping costs may apply if you need them mailed.

Spot the Tot Mat – This mat is used to educate parents, caregivers, children and drivers about safety in and around cars.  This mat shows the distance required in order for drivers to see a small child behind a vehicle when it is in reverse.  This mat is available to borrow at no charge.

Seat Belt Readiness Chart – This measuring chart displays the 4’9″ law for kids that are able to ride in seat belts.  This chart is available to borrow at no charge.

Safe Kids Posters
– Never Leave Your Child Alone
– Spot the Tot

Safe Kids Fact Sheets
Bicycle, Skate and Skateboard Safety
Burns and Fire Safety
Home Safety
Motor Vehicle Safety
Overview of Childhood Injury Morbidity and Mortality in the US
Pedestrian Safety
Poisoning Safety
Sports and Recreation Safety
Swimming and Boating Safety

Water Wise Kids Kit – This kit is available to teach preschoolers how to be safe in and around water.  This kit is available to borrow at no charge.  Kits may be available to purchase and keep based on availability.


Safe Kids Worldwide

Mary Bridge’s Center for Childhood Safety

American Academy of Pediatrics

Bicycle Helmets Safety Institute

Helmets R Us – official helmet vendor of Safe Kids Pierce County

Safe Sitter

SafetyLit Publications

Washington Poison Center

Washington Traffic Safety Commission School Patrol Grants – These grants are available for up to $500 for each school in Washington State to begin or improve their safety patrol program.  The application is quick and easy!

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